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If you need a logo for your business or company, then we have prepared a selection of logos that, in our opinion, may interest you. You can also see the full range of logos in our catalog.

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If you are looking for a logo or symbols for your website, online store or identity for your online brand, then here we present you with logos and signs that in our opinion may interest you. You can also see the full range of logos in our catalog.

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If you are looking for logos or signs in a simple or minimalistic style, then here we have collected logos that might interest you. You can also see the full range of logos in our catalog.

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This selection of logos and signs is perfect for you if you are looking for logos that are geometric or abstract. You can also see the full range of logos in our catalog.

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Uniqueness is fun



Two main factors prompted us to create and implement this small business project - the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing working conditions on one large stock website.As a result, this «» store appeared. 

The main and basic idea of ​​this store is that all the presented logos, emblems and signs have a limited number of sales - not less than 10 and no more than 50. If a trade position has ended (ie a sign was bought 10 times) - it will not be returned and deleted. 

This way you get a really unique sign or logo (well, almost ☺).This principle encourages us to do interesting, to some extent unique work, without direct contact with the client. You, as customers, are always free to purchase a particular logo or not.Based on the above principle, we hope that we will be able to sell logos and emblems with a minimum number of implementations so that you can purchase the logo you really need at a reasonable price for you.

About our small team

The team is Ruslan and Valeria – who, in one way or another, are involved in the design of trade marks and logos for most of their lives. 

The experience of completed, and not so, projects gave a clear understanding that the brand name of a new business cannot cost more than 1% of the total initial budget of the business itself.

A reasonable question is why?

Because the value of a sign or logo is created not by the designer, but by the business owner with his team, daily and hourly work.

Therefore, in this store we see a «golden» mean, between the fact that our work is adequately paid and this payment, at the same time, does not become a heavy financial burden on you, dear customers.

We wish you all the best in your work! Yours sincerely Valeria and Ruslan.